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ECCA Park Rental Agreement – Terms & Conditions 

All reservations for private functions are made upon and subject to the rules and regulations of Evanston Creekside Community Association (ECCA) and subject to the terms and conditions described herein. It shall be the sole responsibility of the User to completely inform their agents, employees, vendors/contractors and guests concerning their obligations under this Agreement.  

Both parties agree that the Evanston Community Park (Park) will be delivered by Evanston Creekside Community Association to User in its “as is” condition. User agrees that its taking possession of the Park shall be conclusive evidence as against User that the Park Space was in the condition agreed upon herein: 


A total of $250 ($150 refundable Security Deposit and $100 Rental Fee) is required to Reserve a date.  

Signed Contract and the balance of the Rental Fee are due no later than three weeks prior to your event. If Signed Rental Agreement, Security Deposit and Insurance Certificate (if required) are not returned to ECCA one month prior to the of the date of your Event, the ECCA shall no longer hold the requested Date of the Event for User and shall be free to re-book the Park with another User.  

The ECCA reserves the right to refuse any and all applications. All reservations will be confirmed only upon receipt of the Security Deposit. The Security Deposit will be refunded either in full or part minus any expenses for damages, losses, cleaning expenses, special contractor charges, extraordinary maintenance or repairs, and/or security charges deemed necessary after inspection within one week after the event. The ECCA will provide detail of the charges against the Security Deposits. Any charges in excess of the Security Deposit will be billed to User. Failure to make any attempts to pay additional costs will result in denial of future Park booking requests and possible litigation.  

Payments shall be made to: “Evanston Creekside Community Association”, ideally through the links on the Park Rental Jotform. Payment by cheque is also possible.  


Contracts can be cancelled up to 24 hours before event date with no penalty.  

Should User cancel this contract within 24 hours of the event date, the Rental Fee shall be forfeited by User. Should the ECCA cancel the contract prior to the date of the event, all Rental Fees and Security Deposit will be refunded.  

The ECCA is not responsible for outdoor weather conditions and/or acts of God. 


As a condition of conducting business at the Evanston Community Park, all contractors/vendors must meet the standards set forth by the facility, including, but not limited to, supplying proof of license and current insurance. Deliveries & set up & break down plans must be coordinated within two weeks prior to date of event with the ECCA. 



At the User’s request, an Outdoor Electrical Outlet Extension cord may be provided by the ECCA.  Additional fees may apply. Available Spring 2023. 

For Events that have more than 100 attendees, the rental of portable toilet facilities is required. 

The ECCA reserves the right to make adjustments and changes in any setup arrangements for safety or the protection of the facility. The User may not physically alter an existing space.  


The ECCA allows for the set up & removal of tents the day of, and the day before/after an event at the Park.  


No physical alteration, to any part of any permanent structure, trees, or bushes, is permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, staples, tacks, or nails on the picnic tables, hydrant, bike racks, gargabe cans, or shade structure in the Community Park. No paint may be applied. No glitter or confetti may be used. Only bio-degradable options are permitted in the Park (e.g. rose petals, bird seed, rice, bubbles). 


No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the Park as part of this Rental Agreement.  


There is no smoking or vaping allowed anywhere on the premises of the Evanston Community Park. 


No cannabis products of any kind are allowed at the Park as part of this Rental Agreement.  


Any external amenities brought by the User (i.e. bouncy castles, petting zoos, food & beverage  dispensers, etc.) are the responsibility of the User, and should include necessary waivers and releases from liability. The ECCA shall have no responsibility for any amenities beyond those provide with the Park as is.  


All fire pit use is subject to local fire bans.  

The ECCA will provide the User with the combination to unlock the fire pit within 48hrs of the event.  

The ECCA will provide a sandbox for extinguishing the fire. User should bring a water for extinguishing the fire, in addition to this sandbox.  The Hydrant is not available for use with the fire pit.  

User agrees to follow all City of Calgary bylaws related to fire pit use found on the City of Calgary website: https://www.calgary.ca/csps/fire/safety-tips/in-your-home/fire-pit-safety.html 

User must bring their own firewood, lighters, roasting sticks, pokers, etc.  

User must not burn: 

  • Twigs, fallen branches, pinecones or other materials found in the park 
  • Wood that is painted, treated or contains glue or resin 
  • Wood from a different location, region or province 
  • Wet or green/fresh cut wood 
  • Yard waste (cut grass or leaves) 
  • Garbage 
  • Rubber or plastic 


Proof of insurance (if required) must be supplied to the ECCA no later than two weeks prior to the event. User agrees to obtain and maintain throughout the term of the event, Personal Liability insurance with a minimum coverage of $300,000. User agrees to provide the evidence of such insurance. User agrees to obtain and maintain throughout the term of the event, proof of insurance from each vendor or contractor conducting business at the Evanston Community Park, indicating the Evanston Creekside Community Association as an additionally insured for the duration of the event including set-up and teardown times.  


Parking is available on Evanston Drive, and in the Evanston Towne Center parking lot. User must instruct vendors and guests to properly use the crosswalk to access the Park.  Driving on pathway for setup & teardown is allowed; please keep off the grass. During the event, no parking or driving on grass is allowed with consequences of damage charges being deducted from Security Deposit for violations by User/Contracted Vendors/Guests. The ECCA is not responsible for theft or other damage to any vehicle, or possessions therein, during, prior or after event. 


The User is responsible for the conduct and behavior of the group using the facility. Costs related to unruly behavior during an event at the Park will be deducted from security deposit. The ECCA has the right to limit the number of people in accordance with provincial and municipal regulations.  

The Evanston Community Park is a Public Park and the public shall have the right to enter the premises at any time during its use by User.  

User, or a guest or other person under the User’s control, shall not engage in any act intended to facilitate criminal activity, on or near the Park.  

Because the Park has trees and landscaping plants that have bees and thorns, adult supervision of children is required at all times.  


The Evanston Community Park is located adjoining a residential area. User agrees to follow Calgary’s Community Standards Bylaw: https://www.calgary.ca/csps/abs/bylaws-by-topic/noise.html, including the hours designated therein of 7am through 10pm Monday through Sunday.  

Complaints by neighbors may result in music volume reduction and fines may be charged to User.  


A Facilities Rental Check-Out Form shall be completed and signed by the User. All food and beverage debris, decorations, paper supplies and other trash must be picked up, bagged and removed from the property by the User and/or vendors. The Park including the grounds must be left in an orderly condition. All clean up and closing tasks should be completed by the end of the Event or, at the latest, by the time Tent(s) are removed. Failure to complete any of these tasks will result in a partial/complete loss of Security Deposit. The ECCA is not responsible for any items left behind by User or its guests. The ECCA must receive the signed Facilities Rental Check-Out Form and inspect the premises prior to returning Security Deposit. 








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